Dr. Kenneth Cooper, Tyler Cooper and William Proctor. Start Strong, Finish Strong.

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Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper. Controlling Cholesterol.
        Bantam, 1988; Paperback 1989.

  • International Best Seller in both hardback and paperback (18 weeks on New York Times hardcover best seller list).
  • Approximately 250,000 hardbacks and 1.5 million paperbacks sold in the U.S.
  • Sequel: Controlling Cholesterol the Natural Way
      Bamtam, 1999. Perenniel back list best seller.


Dr. Kenneth Cooper. The Aerobics Program for Total Well Being.
        M. Evans 1982; Bantan, Paperback 1983.

  • Literary Guild Selection; Glamour, Runners World, Vogue; more than 40 foreign editions.
  • Publisher's Weekly Annual Trade Paperback Bestseller List

Dr. Kenneth Cooper. Fit Kids!
Broadman & Holdman, 1999. First Edition published as Kid Fitness.

  • Forward by Arnold Schwarzennegger (Arnold's piece ghostwritten by William Proctor.)
  • Book of the Year Award by Child's Magazine


Dr. Herbert Benson and William Proctor. Beyond the Relaxation Response.
        Tmes Books, 1984; Berkeley Paperback 1989.

  • Perenniel backlist seller, Amazon.com bestseller
  • Mulitlple foreign editions, international bestseller
  • Scientific support for the power of the "faith factor" to enhance health, by the Harvard Medical School cardiologist, stress expert and author of the No. 1national best-seller, The Relaxation Response.



Dr. Richard Podell and William Proctor. The G-Index Diet.
        Warner Books, 1993; Paperback 1994.

  • Family Circle Diet of the Year
  • Prevention Book Club Selection
  • Perenniel bestseller Amazon.com national and regional lists
  • First to use the "glycemic index" to control appetite and weight



Dr. Herbert Benson and William Proctor. The Breakout Principle: Activate the Natural Trigger that Maximizes Creativity, Athletic Performance, Productivity and Personal Well-Being
        Scribner, 2003; Paperback 2004.

  • National Bestseller - Reached No. 16 on Amazon.com overall bestseller list and top 100 on BarnesAndNoble.com list.
  • First serial rights sales to Family Circle and Prevention
  • Featured in "O" (Oprah's) Magazine; Reader's Digest cover story; Saturday Evening Post cover; New York Times science section feature.
  • Book of the Month Club; Quality Paperback Book Club.
  • Russian, Chinese, Japanese and other foreign rights sold.
  • Templeton Foundation "Book of Distinction" Award, 2004.

Amazon.com official review of The Breakout Principle:

"[Dr. Herbert Benson] and skillful co-author William Proctor illustrate points with case studies and personal reflections, making complex medical and philosophical issues more easily accessible.


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