About Spiritual Explorer

This Spiritual Explorer site is designed to open your mind to other realities, beyond the here-and-now. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences and to agree or disagree. Here’s a sampling of topics we plan to explore in weeks and months ahead:

-St. Augustine devoted considerable space in his Confessions to time. How do you define time? Could your understanding of time provide us with any spiritual insights?
-Does Pascal’s Wager on the existence of God make sense?
-Can Occam’s Razor – that the simplest explanation is often the best – apply to spiritual matters?
-Is doubt an inevitable part of spiritual faith? How can you deal with doubt?
-Does your life have a purpose? If so, how can you find it?
-Is the world getting better or worse? Can you personally influence the world’s direction?
-How would you describe human nature? Can human nature be changed?

Brief blogs will introduce each exploration. Then, you will be invited to share your insights by clicking on the link below. By contributing, you give us permission to publish your contribution. We reserve the right to publish what we feel will be most helpful to others.