The HCSB Light Speed Bible

This Bible has several features to help the reader quickly understand the purpose and direction of a book or chapter and then examine the passages in detail. The name Light Speed Bible is because of this format and the Light Speed Reading course. At the beginning of the Bible the introductory matter details this reading technique that with practice will allow the reader to read through the entire Bible in just a few days. The Light Speed reading technique involves reading through a large section of the Bible three times at different speeds. The first is very fast to get a feel for the structure and basic direction of the book. The second pass is to get all the headings and subheadings so you know some of the details of the section including important concepts and points. To facilitate this the Light Speed Bible has numerous single sentence summaries, bold printing, and underlined items. These are done specifically to facilitate this process and part of the way in which this Bible is designed for high speed reading. The third pass is to get the details of passage and it is here that you read each word. Once you learn the technique it takes about 16 hours total to read the entire Bible. If you can dedicate an hour each evening you can read the entire Bible in just over two weeks. This Bible uses the Holman Christian Standard Bible translation, a common modern language translation. The HCSB Light Speed Bible is an excellent Bible that is designed from the ground up to encourage reading through the entire Bible and is highly recommended for anyone seeking to achieve this goal.